How To Use Periscope In Your Pr

Here’s our guide for communications professionals that are considering whether their company should start broadcasting. As a partner at NerdyGirl Writers, Megan Kubasch continuously delves into the ever evolving ball pit that is social media marketing and content curation.

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The most important thing we have to remember is that we need to provide valuable content to our audience. Have a second person watching the recording to check the sound and make note of and reply to any questions viewers have – questions about Periscope itself or questions they want to ask the speaker. We haven’t come up with a sophisticated way of noting them down yet.

It could potentially undermine revenue streams for companies that rely heavily on content. And of course, it can be used to illegally stream concerts, sporting events and other pay-per-view content. It’s been almost a year since social media giants Twitter acquired a live streaming app that at the time was still being developed. They clearly saw potential in the technology, with rumours of the purchase being between $75 – 100 million. To help you use Periscope for business, we asked social media marketing experts and small business owners how they have found success with the live-streaming platform. Here are 12 winning ways they have used Periscope to grow their brands and build trust with customers. If your business is looking for a better, more personal way to connect with customers, Periscope is the answer.

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So they wanted to see a statue, for example, I’d show them a statue. Or if they wanted to speak to a particular person, I’d take them over to that person. They wanted to meet one of the royal fans who had become quite well known on TV, so I took them over and had a chat with them,” explained Foster. Max Foster was the reporter on the scene for the network, and he used Periscope to let his audience members tell him what they wanted to discuss. They told him who they wanted to talk to in the area and he would interview them. Periscope allows the creation of a direct, dynamic connection with your audience. With this app, they’re right there with you and able to get involved.

Here are some content marketing terms you need to know when talking the talk. Managing a Remote Team In-Page Analytics allows you to view how users interact with your website.

Live Streaming Daily On Periscope To Promote Scottish Property

Many of them now are using their phones to share their experiences and stream events live on their social media networks through apps like Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Live Stories. YouTube will also join this list soon, as the company prepares to launch its own live-streaming option to its mobile app later on this year. The ability to watch and interact in real-time is proving to become more and more popular and the figures prove it. According to Social Media Today, people spend 3 times longer watching a video that is live compared to one that’s pre-recorded. Last month, we ran a poll asking event planners which social live-streaming app they preferred using around their events and the two that kept topping the list were Periscope and Facebook Live.

  • PWAs can be considered the combination of mobile apps and websites and offer you the best of both worlds.
  • You will undoubtedly believe in the quality of your offer – if you don’t, you need to rethink your business strategy – and Periscope now enables you to show customers around the world exactly what you see through your eyes every day.
  • Periscope should not be seen as a replacement for other social networks.
  • If you’re serious about the technology, and if it’s to an open audience, you’ll probably need a thick skin.
  • However, the recent acquisition of additional funding to boost Meerkat’s presence could throw a rather large wrench into Periscope’s crusade to live-streaming world domination.
  • To achieve this, it is important that the development of your software has a solid foundation that can undergo changes without getting crashed in the process.
  • When it comes to reaching more markets and engaging with a higher number of audiences, Periscope is the option.
  • Or if they wanted to speak to a particular person, I’d take them over to that person.

Sarah Baldock, chief executive and founder of Be-good Events, talks about the popularity of live-streaming mobile apps, such as Periscope, and why event professionals should explore their potential. Technically, live sporting events are not covered by copyright laws, but event organisers can make a contract with ticket holders not to live-stream events, which is what Wimbledon did. But, as Mark Owen points out on the Drum, Periscope, is a new technology, and like a lot of new technology, the law has yet to catch up with it.

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Periscope and Meerkat have both been used commercially, with some success, already. They’ve seen product launches, live streaming of events, interviews and coverage like periscope by eager citizens of a building collapse and fire blaze in New York city recently. These platforms are great for building conversations and driving traffic.

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Besides showing what goes on around the office, you could also use Periscope for a behind-the-scenes look at your products. It could be as simple as showing how a product is made to strengthen customers’ trust in your brand. For instance, you could give customers a peek at what life is like at your company. One great way to do this is by humanizing your brand, such as by providing an inside look at your business to establish an emotional connection. no longer enoughjust to retail popular products at competitive prices.

How To Use Periscope In Your Pr

Find out more about your rights as a buyer – opens in a new window or tab and exceptions – opens in a new window or tab. Please allow additional time if international delivery is subject to customs processing. Live video is actually a worthy investment for many types and sizes of events — including small concerts or corporate events that need to achieve a global reach. Jon was able to answer live questions around the theme, while presenting the artwork itself. Crucially, you can also crowdsource responses to any new ideas you have by seeking feedback from the audience, allowing you to test out anything from new logos to a completely new direction for your business. It’s the basics of blogging, but you can do short broadcasts talking about your experiences, insights and opinions on issues that are affecting your customers.

Periscope is owned by Twitter and automatically tweets to all your twitter followers when you start a show . And that means that effectively you are on two social media platforms at the same time. Periscope is anappwhich lets you stream live video directly from your smartphone, to anyone in the world. All they need is have the app as well, or watch your show on the internet. Live video streaming isn’t new, but thanks to apps like Periscope you no longer require a tripod, a camera and access to complicated technology – your iPhone and a good network connection is all you need. Video broadcasting is not just fun, it has a lot of potential uses for businesses too.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Streaming Your Event?

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For example, when you start using Periscope, it soon becomes obvious that the app is all about live video streaming. Adding many features right at the beginning can confuse the audience about what the application is mainly about. It is expected of a social media application to be extremely engaging, and Periscope provides you just the same.

Using this application, you can also view live streams by other users. Hence, it becomes very useful if you have to view the live situation of any popular event. Whenever you feel like broadcasting, you can tap on the camera icon in the bottom center of the app. To start, you have to give a title to your scope and manage your privacy and location settings.

9k= » How To Use Periscope In Your Pr

Periscope is a disruptive new social platform that works on the premise of live video streaming. It offers a number of significant advantages both to business owners and decision makers, as well as to those business’ customers and potential customers. Real-time engagement is another benefit that cannot be overlooked. This is vital, as no other platform offers this to the same like periscope extent that Periscope does. Your customers and potential customers are able to ask questions right in the middle of your live stream and get answers right away. It’s an indispensable tool for enhancing your audience engagement. Instead, find ways to turn Periscope to your advantage by offering informative, useful content that encourages your audience to interact with you.

This can be done by almost anyone, regardless of the type of business in question, or the size of your business. For instance, a small business with just a couple of employees can use it just as easily as a large company with many executives. Even home-based businesses can use it to really get in on the action . So, the previous hypothetical examples were great, but what about some real life examples?

What killed periscope?

Twitter plans to shut down Periscope, the live video streaming app it acquired in 2015, due to declining usage and high costs. In a blog post wistfully headlined “Farewell, Periscope,” the team running the app disclosed that it has been in an “unsustainable maintenance-mode state” for some time.

Indeed, much of our work is a result of referrals from people who appreciate our expertise and no-nonsense approach. There’s a knack to ensuring your business is seen in the right places at the right time. We’ll build your PR profile across the mix of channels that’s right for you and use our contacts to spread the word. Viewers can type messages, so ask them questions, and answer theirs too.

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