Nearshore Software Development I Outsourcing Guide For 2020

Aside from saving your company time and money, nearshore developers allow your actual in-house team to focus more on client communications and effective project management. Sure, any country has its software development companies, but the quality that no-name companies deliver will be quite different from well-known outsourcing destinations like Ukraine or India. That’s why it’s better to choose an offshore company with a number of reviews than a questionable nearshore provider. On the contrary, if you’re not limited in budget for hiring software engineers, you may want to consider expanding an in-house team with more talents. In any other case, nearshore software development companies will be the right choice.

What are different types of outsourcing?

Types of outsourcingLocal outsourcing (choosing a company in your own country);
Offshore outsourcing (finding a team somewhere in Asia, for example, in India);
Nearshore outsourcing (a company in a country that is not far from yours, like in Eastern Europe, if you are located in Western Europe).

However, the difference is, service providers operate out of nearby countries. For US firms, that means working with developers in places like Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, nearshore outsource or Argentina. The advantages of nearshore include shared time zones, cultural similarities, and in many cases, the ability to work with English-speaking teams.

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Companies are now looking toward outsourcing as a means of maintaining momentum and keeping up with users’ increasingly high demands. Today, companies of all sizes rely on third-party software developers nearshore outsource to support robust, strategic roles with innovative solutions that many in-house teams can’t provide. When working on a huge and fast growing project, chances are you’ll need more developers.

In terms of the country’s startup culture, several top companies have blossomed in local accelerators and hubs, including Yo Viajo, GreenCloud, Zero Army, Trip Fab, Leaf Grow, and SaborStudio. Costa Rica is the #1 exporter of high value-added services in the region and the amount. According to the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency , IT service exports represent 6.2% of Gross Domestic Product .

From The Companies Side: What They Are Expecting From Their Nearshore Outsourcing Partnerships

This makes the country a great nearshore software development destination for Western Europe; Ukraine also makes an attractive offshore development spot for the US and Canada. Minding travel conditions is also necessary when you consider hiring a software development outsourcing company. The flight statistics may highly variable, especially for the USA and Canada. It can take as long as 8 hours to travel from New York to Brazil and up to 11 hours to Argentina. The same traveling time is needed if you want to visit Ukraine, for instance. With your software development now done by a nearshore contractor, you save time and money.

Indeed, outsourcing a nearshore call center ensures that you enjoy more than just convenience. Aside from the two advantages mentioned above, here are the primary benefits of engaging our services. Our service guarantee states that in the case of uncomfortability with our service delivery performance after a period of 15 days working with us, we fully refund our customers their initial payment. Our service guarantee states that after a period of 15 days, we fully refund our customers their initial payment, in case of uncomfortability with our service delivery performance. CIO Insight offers thought leadership and best practices in the IT security and management industry while providing expert recommendations on software solutions for IT leaders.

Nearshore Software Development Means Better Management:

While choosing an outsourcing company, you should take into account the number of qualified specialists in the country. Additional benefits to outsourcing from Poland include the country’s high proficiency in English and a time zone that shares 4 out of 8 working hours with the US. While a flight to Warsaw will put you out half a day, developer salaries in Poland are about 76% below the average for the US. Similarly, you might want to look offshore for full project outsourcing with a need for a good price and quality balance — just be sure to choose a vendor with some working time overlap to ease communication. So, you’ve decided nearshore outsourcing is the best decision for your project. But if you’re still not sure where to start, we’ll outline profiles of 3 common nearshoring destinations with the critical benefit of being close to the US.

You’ll also need to look at quality, cost, reliability, and process–critical factors that can make or break the success of any software project. Opera originated as an internal project of the Norwegian telecommunication nearshore outsource company — Telenor. Soon after the release in 1994, it became a standalone project with its own company and rights. The most interesting thing is that Telenor didn’t focus the efforts of the main office on this project.

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Monterrey’s working culture is like the U.S., centered on innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship. is located at the heart of San Pedro Garza Garcia’s business sector in Monterrey, only a couple of hours from the U.S. border. In truth, the world is running out of very large, viable, English-speaking outsourcing markets like the Philippines and its predecessor, India.

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